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How To Create Good Saving Habits: Mobile Savings

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The one thing that powers the economy is money


Have you heard of the term mobile savings? Well, ask no further. Mobile Saving is a digital money application that utilizes an algorithm to determine how much you can afford to save and then save it. Additionally, it provides financial advice, rounds up purchases to build a savings account on your behalf, and does much more. With that being said, it is the latest way to encourage good saving habits.

People all across the world struggle with the objective of becoming financially responsible. The cost of living constantly appears to rise a little bit more than our income, regardless of whether we occasionally make enough money to be financially impulsive or if our bills force us to spend every last cent. A portion of that revenue should always be set aside for emergencies and our own objectives. But to save, you need both determination and a bank account. Placing money in a separate savings account frequently prevents us from succumbing to the temptation to squander our intended savings. What occurs if you lack a bank account? Banking institutions have frequently warned us that keeping money under our mattresses is a bad idea. Mobile Money offers a solution for the millions of Africans without access to conventional banks.

Mobile saving is one of the modern ways to help you with developing a saving culture. In many African nations, people frequently live paycheck to paycheck, but mobile money is altering this trend. Users of Mobile Money are 10.9% more likely to save than non-users, according to a study by the Economics Department at Boston College.

How To Use Mobile Savings To achieve Financial Goals

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Money Control

In South Africa we understand that we all have a right to education. Unfortunately, that education does not come free of charge. That is why it is important for parents to make sure that they save enough money to be able to take their children to school. This is why we believe that Africa has enormous potential if it starts saving more.

In addition to being able to manage salary fluctuations, future planning becomes significantly more important. Working parents, for example, can put money aside to pay for their children' higher education.

Starting a tertiary education savings plan as soon as possible is crucial in nations like South Africa where the annual cost of university and boarding fees exceeds the typical household income. Mobile saving can help you achieve such financial goals. Do you have a brilliant business idea, but no funds for your new venture? If we are being honest with ourselves, we cannot depend on the government for everything and more especially funding. That is why digital money-saving apps can play a very influential role in helping us achieve our financial goals.

The possibility of saving for retirement increases as more individuals in Africa get access to mobile money. By reducing the obstacles that hinder crucial chores like saving money, mobile technology has the potential to alter people's financial behavior in Africa. Everyone on the continent has a chance to change their course thanks to mobile technology.

The Best Thing About Mobile Saving

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The Best Part

You honestly don't have to worry about creating a budgeting list and calculating your spending. The app does all the admin work for you.

Using Mobile Saving App:

You can keep tabs on your spending and financial condition. The app's automated notifications can be customized. Users of various apps can sync bank accounts as well, hence making it simpler to keep track of earnings and expenses.

Determine Your Bad Spending Patterns:

Budgeting tools allow you to keep track of your spending, which allows you to identify spending patterns that are bad for your money.

They aid in identifying wasteful expenditures. You can be paying for a membership you're not utilizing, for instance.

Promote Saving:

You can identify opportunities for improvement by understanding where your money is spent each month. You may also see how much money is still available. Hence, you will be able to add more money to your savings to attain financial objectives.

Reach Financial Objectives

Achieving long-term financial goals requires the development of sound financial practices. Using budgeting tools is a fantastic place to start. You can exercise greater restraint when it comes to your spending if you use a budget. Assisting you to take charge of your money, accumulate wealth, and accomplish your goals.

Potential Drawbacks To Mobile Saving And How To Avoid Them

Rely on the internet

The fact that mobile banking requires an internet-capable smartphone to use is a significant drawback. The services are also available on standard mobile phones, although they are not as comprehensive as those you can obtain through mobile apps. Make sure you have a reliable mobile internet or WIFI at all times.

Technical knowledge

To benefit from the advantages of mobile banking, you must be familiar with the ever-changing financial technologies. Those who are older or who come from rural areas may find this to be rather difficult. That is why some apps have features that are language inclusive, for example Glow App.

Website phishing

Phishing scams on the internet can be caused by unsafe internet and mobile banking procedures. If you keep your passwords and other private financial data on your phone, you run the danger of having your account information disclosed. To use mobile banking services securely, do not open phishing emails or exchange credentials.

Easy Saving Tips

A notebook with monthly budget calculations and money
Budgeting is key

In our quest of developing a better saving culture and spending habits, it is important to make use of apps such as the Glow App, which is a cheaper and more cost-effective way of sending and receiving money. Glow allows you to open a free digital wallet account (no monthly account fee) in under 1 minute.

You also get free P2P transfers between Glow App users. Users signing up during the pre-launch period are being offered a guarantee of lifelong free in-app transactions. Looking at such applications makes a huge difference to how we manage our finances. Honestly, there are many non-conventional ways to save money and if you find yourself needing to save a little cash, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Get a pet rock: pets can be expensive, but rocks are free.

  • Make your own entertainment: a great indoor movie night will save you a lot of money and you won't have to pay for parking or transport.

  • Take advantage of freebies and discounts.

  • When it's dark go to bed: avoid going out at night.

  • Leave your wallet at home

  • Avoid toilet paper and go paperless

if these seem to be a bit over the top. Then you can always get a mobile saving app.

How Chat and Pay works

Currently in development, ChatNpay is on track to offer the following features for beta testing within Q4 of 2023:

-Just send "Hi" message to a designated number on WhatsApp (to be provided soon)

-Open account by texting your company name, upload your logo, link bank account

-Just tell on chat who is your client, what are you selling and for how much

-Your invoice will be automatically generated, you can always edit it

-Send the invoice to your customer straight on WhatsApp

-Your customer can pay through bank or card right away

-Get notified once the invoice is paid

-Money will be transferred straight to your bank account

Outperform your competition. The whole transaction can take less than a couple of minutes. No need anymore to use software to issue invoices, send emails and reminders

Make life easier for your customers as well. They can pay right on chat without the need to go through online banking payment procedures - the solution is seamless

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Last Note

We understand that we all want to make money and save money. There is a famous line that says don't work for money but make your money work for you. Invest in the right accounts that help you achieve your financial goals. In order to be a master of your money, you have to practice changing your spending habits. It is going to require you to be more intentional about your banks, your needs and wants, your lifestyle and your priorities. You now understand what mobile saving is, and the potential it has for a country like South Africa. How to use mobile savings apps to achieve your financial goals has been outlined. The potential drawbacks have been highlighted and fun and non-conventional ways of saving money have been provided. Simplify your business transactions with Chat and Pay solution by Glow. Generate invoices and get paid seamlessly right on WhatsApp

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