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Online Businesses You Can Start In South Africa

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Are you an aspiring business mogul and entrepreneur at heart who wants to start an online business right now? Well, don't stress, we've got you covered. Have you always wanted to start a mini spaza shop or maybe a slap chips van?

But you have burning questions such as, how do you start making money? Where do you get your online business ideas? How will you present your ideas, thoughts, and services to the world?

In case you don't know where to start, we've rounded up the most profitable online businesses that combine passion and conversion.

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How to Start an Online Business In South Africa

South Africa's e-commerce market is worth around R200 billion annually. It's also a fast-growing market, offering plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their online business.

Starting an online business in South Africa has many advantages. Start-up costs are generally much lower than starting a brick-and-mortar business, and online businesses have unfettered access to a much larger market.

As long as you know how to use technology to run your business and have a strong business plan, starting an online business presents many great opportunities. This quick guide covers the most important things to know when starting an online business in South Africa.

1. Sell Your Hobby

They say your passions often lead you to your purpose. You won't work a single day in your life if you do what you love. Entrepreneurial ventures with passion at the forefront bring you everything you ever wanted.

You might think your craft is just for your eyes - it could be a good birthday gift for a family member. You might be surprised to find out that there is a great market for unique arts and crafts.

People often make the mistake of thinking that selling online requires learning a whole new set of skills. In our opinion, if you're already good at something you enjoy, it's time to get rewarded for it.

If you don't have a website yet, read the next article. A beginner's guide to building a website.

2. Become A Freelancer

Freelancing is great for experienced copywriters, designers, UX designers or website developers. Online business opportunity. There are people, brands and businesses out there who need your help.

You can start an online freelance business through multiple channels. These websites let you connect with customers around the world and help with small, medium, or large projects. However, if you want to make meaningful connections with long-term clients, we recommend building a portfolio-centric website and reaching out to your brand.

3. Start a blog

search engine optimization, blog

Blogs aren't just for hidden dark feelings. It's a great way to make money online, especially if you're building a community of interest. If you're a talented writer with a niche you want to share with the world, why not start a blog people can't wait to read?

If your brand's target market frequents your blog, they may get paid for advertising space on your website. Blogs are great marketing tools and there are sure ways to monetize them.

Bloggers make money by hosting third-party ads, selling products on behalf of brands, and publishing sponsored posts.

4. Drop shipping

drop shipping, selling online
Drop shipping

This is for people who want to sell but don`t have the luxury of space. Since the big bang of e-commerce, there's been a way to sell without a factory holding inventory. To start drop shipping you need to find a product you want to sell. Once you've identified your product, you can start selling it through your website, e-commerce site, or social media marketplace.

Is drop shipping really profitable?

Drop shipping is becoming one of the most profitable business ventures. The customer receives their products on time. It is easy to track the order. Making it a trustworthy industry. It is easy to send the product to the customer no matter how far it is from you. It is also a great way to generate income for the growth of the business.

5.Virtual Assist

A virtual assistant (VA) has become one of the most desirable businesses online. With thousands of potential customers filling the plate, you need someone with great organizational and digital skills to keep them on track.

All you need is an internet connection and a can-do attitude. You can choose your customers and discover your company's strengths. Your suggestions could range from managing marketing materials, scheduling meetings, and managing administration.

The VA space has great growth potential. You can start alone and slowly build up a team of VAs to absorb the extra work.

6. Selling online courses

Oh, the internet. A fountain of knowledge where everything is within reach.

Passive income is the way to go, and online courses are a surefire way to get there. If you have an area of ​​expertise you want to share, you can almost guarantee that there will be an audience willing to learn.

From growing a vegetable garden to creating targeted Google ads for him, there's nothing online that can't be taught. Of course, you have to be willing to put in the work to create a great guide, video, or virtual seminar. But once that's done, all you have to do is sit back and wait for people to sign up.

What is e-commerce or e-business?

store, online shopping
Online shopping

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transfer of funds and data, over electronic networks (primarily the Internet). These commerce transactions are either business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer, or consumer-to-business.

The terms e-commerce and e-business are often used interchangeably. The term e-tail is also used in reference to the transactional processes that make up online retail shopping.

Over the past two decades, the proliferation of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay has contributed to the tremendous growth of online commerce. According to the US Census Bureau in 2011, it accounted for 5% of total retail sales. In 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it grew to over 16% of retail sales.

Do You Need a Business License to Sell Online In The Country?

All South African companies and businesses must have a valid trading license before they can start selling. This applies to online and offline stores. A business license is an important step in making sure your business is legal and legally operating.

The process of registering a business in South Africa is the same whether your business is online or not. If you are a small sole proprietor and your profits qualify for certain tax amounts, you are not required to register your business with CIPC or SARS. However, if you want to carry out larger operations, you will need to register your online business.

Corporate registration has many advantages. Separating your personal finances and assets from your business protects them from personal liability. This also allows you to receive preferential tax treatment.

What You Need To Start An Online Business

  • Build A Brand

Create a company name and logo. Make a professional impression and help customers connect with your business.

  • Build your online presence

Search domains, explore stock images, build brands

  • Build A Shop

Start selling with Shopify's powerful features and many more platforms. For example, social media, LinkedIn, personal websites and word of mouth. Bring your ideas to life with the tools you need to start selling

  • Internet Connection

In the beginning, we were not able to participate in such marketplaces. Due to the advancement of technology, we now have these opportunities.

The Link Between E-commerce and Online Banking

ring, link, sky
The Link

E-banking is growing in popularity due to its convenience and flexibility, as well as transaction-related advantages such as speed, efficiency and accessibility. It paved the way for banks to retrain their customers.

E-commerce has made it easier for people to bank internationally and buy goods and services from another country without having to work in that country. Apps like Glow app play a vital role in ensuring that business transactions run smoothly. Making it easy to send, receive and to save money. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Join the wait list and become part of the first 10 000 South Africans to enjoy a lifetime mahala account.

Take Your Business Online

If you are currently a Business owner, it is not to late to take your business online. You can penetrate the space and join the online culture. There is so much room for growth and improvement in the media space. Your business can reach a higher number of audience. Which means you can increase sales resulting in more profit gains. What is nice about online business is that it breaks the barriers of time and distance.

Your business can perform well from anywhere. There is flexibility, Large client and consumer base. Marketing is made easy and more.


Unemployment is not an option. Technology has given us the opportunity to supercharge our lives by opening new industries that were previously not available. In all essence, the answer is in your hands.



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