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How to Apply for SASSA SRD R350 Grant in 2023: Comprehensive Guide to SASSA Payments

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How to apply for sassa grants

Grant application form with pen
Application Forms

Every four weeks, over 18 million individuals in South Africa get different kinds of money handed out by the government (not counting those getting the SRD grant). SASSA gives out this money to folks who don't have enough cash to take care of themselves.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides grant payments to over millions of people in South Africa yearly. These grants are divided up to a few groups. Each specific grant application has its own prerequisites. To apply for most of the Sassa grants you will have to visit your nearest Sassa offices.

It is important to understand that online applications are only available for the social relief of distress (srd grant). Commonly known as the R350 grant.

International social services

Refugees packing bags
Home away from home

Helping people from other countries who face difficulties because they moved to or escaped from their home country is called inter-country assistance.

The Department of Social Development works with the International Social Service to offer inter-country social services. They help foreign nationals.

The International Social Service is a great nonprofit group! They help kids in around 140 countries who moved from their home. They make sure vulnerable kids who moved to a new country get the support they need. To apply for international social services assistance, visit the nearest office.

Old age pension

grandmother with grandson and a laptop
Help Ugogo noTamkhulu

You can get money to help you in your older years. An older person's grant is given to folks who are 60 years or older. This grant used to be called the old age pension.

How do you know if you qualify for an old age pension?

You must:

  • Be a South African citizen, permanent resident or refugee.

  • Live in South Africa

  • Not get any other social grant for yourself

  • Not be cared for in a state institution

  • Not earn more than R86,280 if you're single or R172,560 if married. - Not have assets worth more than R1,227,600 if you're single or R2,455,200 if married.

How much will you get from the old age pension grant

The most you'll get is R2,080 per month. If you're older than 75 years, you'll get R2,100.

How will you be paid in order to receive your grant

SASSA will pay the grant to you in one of these ways:

Cash at a specific pay point on a certain day

  • Electronic deposit into your bank or Postbank account (the bank may charge you)

  • Institutions (e.g old age home).

When will your grant be reviewed?

SASSA can decide if your grant needs review. Your income when you apply will form the basis for this decision. You'll be told three months before the date when the review will happen or when the proof of life certificate is due. If you get money through the bank, institution or someone else, you must fill in a life certificate at SASSA offices every year.

Application forms are not available online, but you can get it at your nearest SASSA office.

Child support grant

Children are the future

You can get a helping hand from the government to raise the little one you're looking after by receiving a child support grant.

How can you tell if you qualify for a child support grant?

You have to be the child's main caregiver (parent, grandparent or a teen heading a family). Note: If you're not the bio parent, you have to show proof like an affidavit from the police, a report from a social worker, affidavit from the bio parent or letter from the child's school. You have to be a South African citizen or permanent resident.

You cannot earn more than R52,800 a year if you're single. If you're married, your combined income should be under R105,600 a year.

The child has to:

  • Be under 18 years old.

  • Not be cared for at a state place.

  • Live with the main caregiver who isn't paid to look after the kid.

  • Both you and the child must live in South Africa.

Note: You can't get this for over 6 kids who aren't your bio or legally adopted kids.

How much will you get per child a month?

You'll get R500 a month per kid. (Top-up R500 + R250)

How will you be paid on a monthly basis?

The SASSA will pay you in one of these ways:

  • Cash at a certain pay point on a certain day

  • Deposit into your bank or Postbank account (the bank may charge you for the service)

  • An institution acting as administrator of the grant.

Application forms are not available online, but you can get them from your nearest (SASSA) office.

Social relief of distress (srd grant)

people holding each other.

Social relief of distress (srd grant) can help you when you need help the most. It provides temporary assistance for families who cannot meet their basic needs.

You may qualify for the SRD grant if:

  • You need help while waiting for children's grants.

  • A crisis happened like your house burned down

  • You do not qualify for a grant but really need help

  • You cannot work for under 6 months due to medical issues

  • The other parent of your child cannot provide maintenance

  • The main money earner in the family died or went to prison for under 6 months

  • You were affected by a disaster, but your area was not declared a disaster area.

The relief comes as food packages or vouchers to buy food. Some provinces give cash assistance. Relief is given for a short time - usually up to 3 months and may extend for another 3 months. The help gets you through the hard times until you can support yourself again.

To apply for the sassa SRD grant payment click here.

More financial aid from Sassa

How to apply for the SRD grant via WhatsApp

Smartphones, WhatsApp

While most application forms are not available online the pandemic forced everyone to adopt the online culture. That is why you can now apply for the Sassa R350 grant on WhatsApp. Follow these simple steps to apply.

  • Step 1: Save the number (+27) 082 046 8553

  • Step 2: Send a message to the Sassa number above.

  • Step 3: When you get a message reply to the text with the word SRD

  • Step 4: You will receive a text asking if you are making a personal application or are you applying for someone else. Choose option 1 or 2.

When will these grants be paid?

hands holding rice
Financial assistance

If You've been approved for a special government grant to help you or your family. Here are the dates you can expect the money to arrive.

If your application for the senior citizen grant, grant for people with disabilities or children's grant was approved, cash is on the way! Here are the SASSA payment days for when that money will show up for these three awesome grants.

Decide on your payment method for receiving your special grants.

We now understand that the government will pay you in these three ways:

  • Cash at a certain pay point on a certain day

  • Deposit into your bank or Postbank account (the bank may charge you for the service)

  • An institution acting as administrator of the grant. (Post office or retail supermarkets)

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