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Simplify your financial life with our innovative mobile app. Unlock the full potential of your money with cutting-edge features at your fingertips

Don't miss out. Join the waiting list and win 10000 Rand

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Save up to 900 Rand on banking fees

Obtain a sleek digital card instantly

Set up your free account in under a
60 sec

Access a vast network of cash in/out locations

Effortlessly pay bills, top up airtime, and shop 

Glow is working to make banking and money services much easier for people in South Africa. After studying what South Africans need, Glow made mobile money services that are very easy to use. Glow's new services help South Africans easily send, get, and invest money in their own way.


Meet the partners helping us create colourful financial solutions

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- Open a free digital wallet in under a minute.
- Easily add and remove money through bank transfers, stores, or ATMs.
- Free instant transfers to other app users.
- Send money to people without the app by text message.
- Available in English and isiZulu.
- More features coming soon.
- Experience the future of finance now.

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Limited spots only available on the waiting list

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