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Experience thefuture of banking with Glow App

Simplify your financial life with our innovative mobile app. Unlock the full potential of your money with cutting-edge features at your fingertips

Limited spots only available on the waiting list

Save up to 900 Rand on banking fees

Obtain a sleek digital card instantly

Set up your free account in under a
60 sec

Access a vast network of cash in/out locations

Effortlessly pay bills, top up airtime, and shop 

About glow

Glow team has invested in research around the specific financial needs of people living in South Africa

Before starting development, Glow team researched the specific financial needs of people living in South Africa. Everything from how it looks to how easy it is to use has been designed with You in mind, together with people like You. Even the people of South Africa voted for the name closest to their hearts. You are right, they have chosen Glow. Learn more about our team and our mission for helping people in South Africa send, receive and save money with peace of mind.


Meet the partners helping us create colourful financial solutions

Glow app features

Explore the Fitches Market Easy currently in development, Glow App’s mobile application is on track to offer the following features for beta testing within Q1 of 2023:


-Open a free digital wallet account (no monthly account fee) in under 1 minute

-Cash top-up options: transfer funds, link your bank account or at a wide network of retail stores and ATMs

-Cash withdraw options:Bank transfers from within the app Includes a ‘Pay and Clear Now’ option Cardless withdrawal at retail stores or ATMs

-Free P2P transfers between Glow App users: Users signing up during the pre-launch period are being offered a guarantee of lifelong free in-app transactions

-Domestic remittance: Generate an SMS code for recipients who have yet to download the app

-Multilingual support: English & Native isiZulu

-More features are under development

Glow Blog

Learn more about money Here at Glow App, you cime first. Our blog is a safe judgement-free space where you can learn about money and submit your questions to our team if there’s something you want to know more about but can’t find on our website


no hidden costs


cash points


in 1 minute


in app


stocks and crypto

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