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How Does Load Shedding Affect Learners: The Impact On South African Education

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We all the the right to basic education

According to the Basic Education spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga, regular load shedding has a negative impact on the basic education sector because electricity is required for teaching and learning, particularly in schools of specialization where equipment is required during class time.

Because of load shedding, students are unable to study adequately at home. "Even commuting to school is a problem. When traffic lights fail, it causes traffic jams, which can cause students to arrive late at school. It has a significant negative impact on education.

The Impact Of Load Shedding On Basic Education

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As much as there are alternative sources of power. The reality of some student is that they do not have these options due to financial reasons and most local schools do not have such resources.

Schools require electricity for administrative work that also includes data capturing in school system. The power cut are also causing delay in completing the school curriculum. There are topics that leaners need to complete and catch up on from home and are unable to due the the power cuts. Learners are affected by load shedding at home, which ultimately causes schools to fall behind on curriculum.

Many schools have to redirect their budgets, so that they may buy alternative source of power. There is a greater impact on matriculating leaners. (Those who are studying for their preliminary exams).

5 Tips For Studying Effectively During Load Shedding

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Study Tips During Load Shedding

Teachers have tried many initiatives to bridge the impact of load shedding on students. For example, some schools provide learners with venues that have generators for when load shedding strikes, so that they may study after hours or during weekend.

Get a Load Shedding App.

You will be able to plan your studies around the load shedding schedule and prepare for power outages. For example, if you know you have an assignment due and stage 6 load shedding is in effect, you can go to a coffee shop with Wi-Fi to finish it without fear of losing power.

Use Beneficial Tools During Load Shedding

Using useful electronic devices is a surefire way to avoid load shedding and study effectively when there is no power. a Consider the following: Battery chargers: During a power outage, a good power bank will keep your smartphone and tablet charged. Lights that can be recharged: Rechargeable lights are an excellent way to keep the room illuminated while reviewing your notes before a big test or exam. External hard drives (HDDs): Make document loss a thing of the past by saving all of your important tasks, assignments, projects, and essays on an external hard drive.

Form A Study Group

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Study Group

If your budget is limited and you want to study effectively during load shedding, consider forming a study group with your fellow students or friends. A study group is an efficient way to plan ahead and study elsewhere while your load shedding schedule is in effect. Of course, you'll need to make sure your friend or classmate isn't on the same schedule as you or is experiencing load shedding at the same time. Having said that, having a study group is an effective way to combat lead shedding, and it also has several other advantages!

Print or write down your study notes

If you want to study during load shedding while saving money and avoiding the use of electronics, consider printing or writing out your study notes. Printing or writing out your study notes may seem archaic, but it's also an excellent way to save electricity. When printing or writing your study notes, avoid writing or printing your entire textbook. Instead, use this time to make study aids such as flashcards, mind maps, or summaries that you can use after load shedding is over.

Use Your Time Wisely

It may be uncomfortable to study during load-shedding or with a flashlight and candle. Use that time wisely and go over the work you've already done. This will allow you to easily memorize your work and study without feeling rushed.

The Impact Of Load Shedding On Tertiary Education

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Load shedding has had a significant impact on higher education and continues to have an impact on all university and college students.

Many students struggle to keep up with their academic workload during load shedding due to traffic jams and being forced to arrive late to class. Not only that, but load shedding has a direct impact on your ability to study.

Without electricity, for example, you may be forced to study by candlelight (which is bad for your eyesight) or forego studying due to a lack of resources.

Load shedding also has an impact on signal usage and Internet connectivity. Given the abundance of learning material available online, this makes accessing student portals, online lectures, and study aids difficult.

Deadline Driven

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Deadline Driven Industry

We all know how University is a "deadline driven industry" and sometimes the submission dates are midday (12pm) or midnight (12am) and yes you guessed it right! These are the times where we are most likely the have load shedding. Which has a direct impact on our networks because of connectivity issues due to load shedding.

Load Shedding Is Also Affecting Personal Growth

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Personal Growth

We live in a future forward world where we have the power upgrade ourselves through technology. If you are a young adult professional looking forward to career advancement like doing short online courses. Load shedding and the connection issue can be a barrier.

In the beginning the impact of load shedding where over looked. If you are a young aspiring entrepreneur hoping to start your own business here are some of the negative impact load shedding has on businesses.

  • Productivity decline The inability of all businesses to produce goods and provide services is an obvious result of how load shedding affects them. When there is no electricity, productivity suffers, especially in businesses that do not have backup power systems.

  • Cost increases as a result of alternative energy sources To help mitigate the effects of load shedding, many small businesses turn to alternative power sources. This includes items such as generators, power banks, and solar panels. These additional power sources can be costly, as installation and maintenance are additional costs to the business, reducing profitability.

  • Concerns about security During power outages, businesses' security risks increase. Security alarms and cameras will not function unless they are powered by a backup source. Dial direct said it compared the number of burglaries and vehicle accidents when there was no load shedding to when there was load shedding from July 2019 to May 2022, and discovered that load shedding during the week resulted in a 3.2% increase in burglaries.

  • Electronics damage Power surges occur when power is deliberately turned on and off throughout the day. These can cause significant damage to a company's electrical and manufacturing equipment, as well as computers. Damaged electronics can prevent the business from operating. As a result, businesses are forced to obtain additional insurance to ensure that they are adequately covered in the event of damage to their electronics. Load shedding or blackouts are not insurable risks under an insurance contract, but insurers do cover damage to sensitive electronic items caused by power surges.


The impact caused by load shedding is deeper than what we think. You now understand how load shedding affected learners and the impact it has in South Africa. The impact it has on Basic Education and Tertiary education has been highlighted. Tips of how to effectively study in the dark have been provided. We also understand the impact it has on young adults and on personal growth. In a world of digital transformation it is always best to maximize your resources. Chat and Pay allows you to skip the long line and blackouts join our waitlist and be part of the hundreds of South Africans who cannot wait to get their hands on the app. Supercharge how you interact with your money and switch and save.


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