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Design of the product shown on the phone in chat

Getting paid is easy as sending a message on WhatsApp

Simplify your business with GlowSend
Manage your bookkeeping and get paid  seamlessly right on WhatsApp

Limited spots only available on the waiting list for benefits

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About Glow Technologies

Glow technologies team looked for a solution how to help small business owners to simplify their daily invoicing and payment collection challenges and Chat and Pay was found

Before starting development, the Glow team researched the specific needs of small business owners in South Africa. Everything from how it looks to how easy it is to use has been designed with You in mind, together with people like You. 

In a world currently overwhelmed with thousands of applications and complicated platform solutions, we looked into a simplified way to transact between business owners and their customers


Meet the partners helping us create colourful financial solutions

Mockup of the app


Here’s what people said about Glow App so far

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How GlowSend works

Currently in development, GlowSend is on track to offer the following features for beta testing within Q1 of 2024:
-Just send "Hi" message to a designated number on WhatsApp (to be provided soon)
-Open account by texting your company name, upload your logo, link bank account
-Just tell on chat who is your client, what are you selling and for how much
-Your invoice will be automatically generated, you can always edit it
-Send the invoice to your customer straight on WhatsApp
-Your customer can pay through bank or card right away
-Get notified once the invoice is paid
-Money will be transferred straight to your bank account

Outperform your competition. The whole transaction can take less than a couple of minutes. No need anymore to use software to issue invoices, send emails and reminders

Make life easier for your customers as well. They can pay right on chat without the need to go through online banking payment procedures - the solution is seamless


Learn more about money and business. Our blog is a safe judgement-free space where you can learn about money and submit your questions to our team if there’s something you want to know more about but can’t find on our website


Here’s what people said about Chat and Pay so far

Testimonials and photos of the responders
Testimonials and photos of the responders
Testimonials and photos of the responders
Sign up for a waiting list

Limited spots only available on the waiting list


Easy to use


Money to your account


Invoice in 30 seconds


Top-tier security


No App. Just WhastApp


easy to use


no Apps needed


send invoice in 30 seconds


top-tier payment security


money straight to your account

Benefits transacting on WhatsApp

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