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What are the costs of using GlowSend

At Glow Technologies we are working to create a seamless invoicing and payment collection experience, so you could focus on growing your business.

All tools and services provided below are, or will be, exclusively available on WhatsApp. We are aiming to streamline your business and make it possible to run purely on WhatsApp without the need of any other business tools.

Our team is working hard to provide you with the best prices we can get. As the product develops, we will do our best to reduce the cost.

GlowSend pricing model and Tiers

Free Tier:

  • Free account

  • 10 invoices per month

  • 10 Payment notifications

  • 3.50% fee per card transaction

  • R2.5 combined settlement fee (if funds are transferred to your account)

Starter Tier (to be released in Q2 2024):

  • R99 per month

  • 50 invoices per month

  • Unlimited payment notifications

  • 3.25% fee per card transaction

  • R0.00 settlement fee

  • Automatic payment reminders

Growth Tier (to be released in Q4 2024):

  • All tools and benefits as in the Starter Tier

  • R199 per month

  • E-Wallet creation option

  • Unlimited invoices

  • 3.05% fee per card transaction

  • On-chat Business Dashboard

  • On-chat expense registration

  • Basic expense analysis

Innovation Tier (TBA):

  • All tools and benefits as in the Growth Tierr

  • R299 per month

  • AI chat assistant

  • Compliant Pay by Crypto option

  • mPOS solution (free POS on your smartphone)

  • E-Wallet linked debit card

  • Cash-out option at more than 5000 points in SA

  • 2.95% fee per card transaction

  • On-chat Business Dashboard

  • On-chat expense registration

  • AI driven expense and business health analysis

Corporate Tier (Contact support)

  • API integration into existing processes

  • WhatsApp payment integration

  • Payment link issuing

  • Bulk invoicing tools

  • Reminder and debt collection tools

  • Synchronization with Bookkeeping tools

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