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Freelancer in South Africa working at their desk or computer.
Sipho Dlamini
South African freelancer

Engage, sell, get paid – now everything is done right on-chat

Your all-in-one solution to get paid

Freelancers often work with clients worldwide, facing issues with different currencies and multiple payment platforms. GlowSend simplifies this by integrating various payment solutions right into WhatsApp. Your clients will pay as easy as never before, even with an option to pay right on WhatsApp.

Paperwork and form-free income

If it was difficult to get money into your account from abroad, now it’s easier than ever. No more bank forms, no more paperwork. Once your customer pays your invoice, funds are in your account within 2-3 business days without any questions.

Multicurrency problem solved

GlowSend does all the work for you. No matter what currency your customer pays with, you will get paid in Rand right into your bank account.

Business operations simplified

From managing client communications to invoicing and tracking your payments, GlowSend provides tools to keep your freelancing business running smoothly.

How Derick streamlined his freelancing projects with GlowSend

Derick is a freelance graphic designer who uses GlowSend to manage his client interactions and payments efficiently. During his projects, he needs to send invoices and receive payments quickly to keep his cash flow steady.

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Challenge of getting paid from abroad

Despite the flexibility of freelancing, Derick faces challenges in managing payments and following up on invoices. Additionally, keeping track of project milestones, providing personalized client updates, and managing financial records can be time-consuming tasks.

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How GlowSend solved Derick’s freelancing challenges

Derick uses WhatsApp to engage with his customers. Now, he started using GlowSend to send invoices and receive payments during his project milestones. After finishing a project, Derick follows up with his clients for feedback and any pending payments via WhatsApp. He engages them with updates and reminders, encouraging timely payments. After confirming a payment, he closes the transaction without leaving the chat application. In less than a minute, he generates an invoice, sends it to the client, and collects payment in real-time. He does not need to wait for funds to clear his account – he get’s notified in real-time once the payment is done.

The integration of GlowSend not only enhances client engagement but also streamlines the payment process, resulting in higher satisfaction and improved cash flow.

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