Challenges small businesses face
with Payments

Small Business
Payment Solution
with GlowSend

Efficient payment processing is crucial for small businesses. GlowSend offers a simple and intuitive payment solution that operates directly through WhatsApp, transforming it into a powerful tool for seamless transactions.

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Convenience of WhatsApp
to simplify payments

Direct On-Chat Payments

With GlowSend, you can handle payments without leaving WhatsApp, eliminating the need to juggle multiple apps or visiting various online platforms or online banking websites. This convenience ensures that you can manage your business efficiently while on the go and your customers can pay effortlessly through WhatsApp with just couple of clicks by linking their cards or choosing instant EFT options.

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Smartphone screen cluttered with multiple payment apps.
Business owner frustrated with payment delays.

Real-Time Transaction Confirmation

Receive instant notifications for every transaction. You won’t have to ask your customers or keep checking your bank. Get instant notification on WhatsApp once your customer pays up. This real-time confirmation helps keep your financial records up to date and allows for immediate follow-up with your customers without delay, enhancing trust and reliability.

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Support for Various
Payment Methods

GlowSend supports a wide range of payment methods, including QR code payments, instant EFTs, credit and debit cards. Currently our team is working on several other solutions for optimal convenience for you and your customers. Some payment options work as well worldwide, so you can get paid by customers from any corner of the globe.

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Secure transaction processing.

Secure Transaction Processing

Security and fraud prevention is our main priority. All payment data is encrypted during transmission using most advanced and compliant protocols. Sensitive information is securely stored and protected against unauthorized access.

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Get Started With GlowSend Payment Solutions in 3 Simple Steps


Start WhatsApp Chat with
Send "Hi" to +27 67 375 6802 to begin the registration process. You can also save this number in your contact list as “GlowSend”. Alternatively you can click direct link that will guide you to GlowSend.
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Create your account
and pass KYC
Creating account is super simple and can be done in minutes. No need to wait for hours in lines or fill out cumbersome paperwork. You will need to provide your Full name, date of birth, National ID or passport number. After that you need to make a photo of your passport and final step is to make a selfie. Done! Our smart alhorithm will do the rest.


Begin Receiving Payments Instantly
Start accepting payments as soon as your GlowSend account is set up and verified. Just generate an invoice in less than 1 minute and send to your customers. Actually, GlowSend can send it for you as well, just provide your customers phone number. Once paid, funds will reach your bank account within 2-3 business days.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

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