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Small businesses often struggle with invoicing due to time-consuming manual processes.  Multiple invoicing tools, high software costs, invoice delivery issues and delays on payments. Sounds familiar? GlowSend’s WhatsApp solution is designed to tackle these challenges, making invoicing simpler, faster, and more efficient.

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Your invoicing simplified on WhatsApp

Intuitive invoice creation and sending

With GlowSend’s user-friendly interface, creating and sending invoices is as simple as a few commands on WhatsApp. With our text to invoice feature, just name your customer, your product or service and the price. Your invoice will be ready in seconds in PDF format. You can forward it yourself or GlowSend will send it for you.

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GlowSend’s invoice template
Client receiving an invoice and payment options on WhatsApp.

Instant client receipt with 98% delivery rate

Clients receive invoices instantly and can make payments directly through WhatsApp, ensuring faster payment cycles. If your client does not have WhatsApp on his phone, he will receive SMS message instead. Messaging solutions offer this high rate of opening, so you will be sure your customer get’s it.

On the invoice your client will have several options to pay: Debit and Credit Card, Instant EFT or by scanning QR code. It is even more convenient for returning customers: they can link their cards and do their payments right on WhatsApp just with few clicks.

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Centralized invoice management and payment tracking

Manage all your invoices from one place with real-time updates and automated reminders, reducing administrative burden. You can view all your invoices even on WhatsApp. Also, all your invoices will be recorded on transaction history, so you will know easily which ones are paid and which ones are outstanding. No more daily checks on your bank account. Use the benefits of currently one of the easiest online invoicing solutions.

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GlowSend’s transaction history showcasing which invoices are issued and which ones are paid.
Illustration showing cost savings and no software fees with GlowSend.

Free to use

GlowSend offers a cost-effective solution without hefty software fees, making it accessible for small businesses. Feel free to create bills and use this brilliant invoice maker without cost and get paid every penny for your hard work.

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Get Started With GlowSend Invoicing Solution in 3 Simple Steps


Start WhatsApp Chat with GlowSend
Just say Hi or something to GlowSend channel and your Welcome menu will pop up.

If you don’t have an account yet, just send "Hi" to +27 67 375 6802 to begin the registration process. You can also save this number in your contact list as “GlowSend”. You can also read more about account creation process here


Create your invoice template
To make your invoices look neat and professional, first we recommend going into your Business Profile on Main menu. Usually, during account creation process, you will be prompted and suggested to create your Business profile.

On the Business profile, you can input your Business name, Business address and your logo. We alreays recommend to use PNG file with a transparent background. This will blend your logo nicely on the invoice template.


Generate your first invoice
This is the most awesome part. As we know, usually it can take you up to several minutes or sometimes hours to send invoice for your customer, if you need to get to your computer. Now it takes seconds. Ready for a challenge how fast you can generate an invoice?

Once you choose on the Main menu that you want to Request payment and you will be asked 4 questions: Who is your customer? What are you selling and how many items? How much do you want to get paid for it? What is the phone number of your customer? Done. Once you type into those details, your invoice will show up on chat as a PDF file within seconds. We always suggest copying your customers phone number on the clipboard to paste it faster. Once your invoice is ready, you can choose either to forward it yourself or ask GlowSend to send it for you.

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