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People got used to treat words like values or vision like just fancy words that each company needs to have in their documentation. We see it different.

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Each section of this page is written by GlowSend founders. Those are not just empty words. Every statement we provide – we mean it.
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Why are we building GlowSend

GlowSend project was founded by people, who have walked the path, outlived the pains and tasted the bitterness of business ownership themselves. Covering various roles and responsibilities, juggling countless business tools, managing paperwork, chasing payments, balancing cashflow… while striving for success in a competitive landscape – all that experience was the driving factor to find the most simple and reliable solution.

Simplicity was the purpose to recognize the potential of WhatsApp as a single point of touch business tool. GlowSend has grown from an ambitious idea into a working product.
Our effort is fuelled by pursuit of innovation, dedication to customer satisfaction, and a deep understanding of the evolving market dynamics.
We're pioneering Chatbusiness, integrating business transactions into chat apps. Our solutions turn everyday chats into commerce channels like never before.
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Who We Are

Behind the complex technicalities are simple people who dream big. We work tirelessly to turn those dreams into reality. Our dedication to excellence is our driving force.

GlowSend was born from a vision to make every business interaction and transaction simple and productive. We understand the needs of modern business, so we aim to deliver solutions that are not only innovative or useful, but, most importantly, problem-solving.

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What We Stand For

Our entrepreneurial spirit like of the most people who started a business is inspiring us to go forward and never give up. We bring our own experience and a personal touch to everything we do. This approach of implementing personal touch is shaping our daily actions and our strategic decisions.
Although being highly ambitious team, we remain committed to the ethical business practices. We believe in purpose of mistakes, we believe in learning from failure, we believe in second chances. And most importantly – we believe, that everyone deserves a chance.
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Our Commitment

GlowSend is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in digital communication. We are fully committed to improvement and innovation.

As a company, we are evolving and growing, but as a team, our focus remains laser sharp. We are committed at improving how businesses communicate and transact between each other and we are here to help to shorten that distance. While we are proud of what we have achieved so far, it is the future that excites us the most.

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