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Top 10 Online Shopping Sites In South Africa With The Best Deals 2023

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Lets get shopping

Welcome to the future. Online shopping has been around for two decades in South Africa. With the first online shopping website This is one of the earliest websites to operate. It was launched in 1998. Yes of course online shopping evolved over the past couple of years in South Africa and we are currently ranking as one of the most successful countries in Africa when it comes to online shopping and digitalization.

There are currently 32.55 million e-commerce users in South Africa, and an additional 6.38 million users are expected to shop online by 2024. According to a study conducted by World Wide Worx and MasterCard, the overall growth rate of online retail in South Africa will be 35% in 2022, with the total value of online retail in South Africa reaching R55 billion. This happened after the 2021 40% growth of online shopping. The online shopping South Africa e-commerce market, which is expected to grow by 17.9% in 2023, which will contribute to the global growth rate by 17.0% in 2023.

During the 2020 lockdown, there was a boom in home delivery. Some people call it the pandemic miracle. The online shopping South Africa incline has continued aggressively in the last two years. Online shopping is currently booming right now. The main reason why online shopping is booming right now is:

  • Quick

  • Convenient

  • Efficient

  • Reliable

The Best Online Deals South Africa And Shopping Sites

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Online Specials

We all love a bargain every now and then. That is why we are here to plug you with the best online shopping deals in Mzantsi. At the top of the list, we have:

1. Takealot

Takealot is an online shopping South Africa leading e-commerce retailer, offering a wide range of products across different categories including electronics, appliances and fashion. User-friendly interface, responsive customer service and fast delivery make Takealot the first choice for many South African shoppers.

Takealot has amazing specials such as daily deals, big tech sales, loadshedding essentials and "Alot for Less". This range from any skin care products to big electronic devices such as TV, microwaves and bulk stocks for massive buyers.

2. Superbalist

All things fashion with Superbalist! Superbalist is an online fashion store specializing in trendy clothing, accessories and shoes for men, women and children. They offer a wide range of local and international brands and regularly update their inventory to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

This online store is well known for its discount prices when it comes to beauty products and beauty accessories. They currently have a Buy 2 and get 40% off Revlon Colorstay in celebration of Mother's Day. If you want to do something special for your mom, then this is a must-have deal.


Of course South Africa's personal favourite is Woolies. Woolworths is a household name in South Africa known for its quality products. Their online store offers a wide variety of items including groceries, clothing, beauty products, and household items. With convenient delivery services and easy-to-use apps, Woolworths makes online shopping easy.

Loyalty is the key to best online deals in South Africa and specials. Woolworths has a rewards card that will cut your bill by up to 50%. Mother's day is around the corner and what better way to celebrate your mother than the Woolies way. They also have deliveries cut-off dates, so make sure to shop on the right days so that you can save on delivery.


Makro is a big and popular wholesaler in SA. They offer a wide variety of products ranging from groceries, electronics, and outdoor gear. Their online platform allows customers to buy in bulk and take advantage of competitive prices. Get the best online deals in South Africa and promotions every week with Makro. Make sure to visit their website.


Bobshop (formerly Bidorbuy) is South Africa's largest online marketplace, where users can buy and sell goods in different categories. The platform offers a unique auction-style experience where buyers can bid on items or buy at a fixed price.

They have cool specials to add to your cart such as Daily Deals, Crazy Wednesday, Snap Friday, Weekend Specials and All Crazy Actions.


Zando is South Africa's leading online fashion retailer, offering a wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. They offer a hassle-free shopping experience and hassle-free returns, making it easy to keep your wardrobe up to date.


Loot is an online retailer specializing in books, electronics and entertainment products. With a wide selection of items at competitive prices. Loot is a popular choice for avid readers and tech enthusiasts. If you are a bookworm this will be your home away from home.


Yuppiechef is a premium online store specializing in quality kitchen appliances, appliances and homewares. They offer a curated selection of local and international brands, making them the go-to place for South African home lovers. This is a place for kitchen lovers and cooking gurus.


Clicks, South Africa's leading pharmacy chain, offers a comprehensive online store with products ranging from health and wellness to beauty and baby care. Our user-friendly website and convenient shipping options make it easy to shop for your essentials.

Don't be left in the dark, Clicks has an amazing promotion for just under R500. If you spend more than R500 you will receive free delivery guaranteed. They simply have the best online deals in South Africa


Game may be a well-known South African retailer that offers a wide assortment of items counting hardware, domestic appliances and toys. Their online stage offers a straightforward and helpful way to shop for bargains and advancements.

Underground Online Stores With The Best Deals

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Shop on Instagram

Now that you know the top 10 online shopping sites in South Africa with the best deals. We simply cannot ignore the underground gang. By this, I am referring to your Instagram Stores. Shops on Instagram are the real deal. Businesses continue to face challenges in selling online as they change their business models during the pandemic. Instagram announced a new shopping experience to keep your business running and make it easier for people to buy what they love.

The Shop is an immersive, full-screen storefront where businesses can build their brand story and drive product discovery. These are all native shopping experiences.

This is where you will find the most amazing fashion-forward items, accessories, shoes, tech devices and the best online deals in South Africa

Honey Just Add To Your Chart With The Glow E-wallet

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Honestly, what are you waiting for?

With the increased use of online shopping, it is best to have a trusted E-wallet. That is reliable when making online purchases. The Glow App has no hidden costs and is transparent. You can open a free account in just 1 minute. You can earn up to 500 cash points and you also get free payment in-app. Glow App allows you to save and invest in stock trade and cryptocurrency. Therefore, join our waitlist and be the first people to experience the future of banking with us. Take online shopping South Africa to higher heights with the glow app today.

Glow App Features That Can Make Your Online Shopping Experience a Breeze

Glow app poster
Glow App

Glow App’s mobile application is on track to offer the following features for beta testing within Q1 of 2023:

Open a free digital wallet account (no monthly account fee) in under 1 minute

  • Cash top-up options: transfer funds, link your bank account or at a wide network of retail stores and ATMs

  • Cash withdrawal options: Bank transfers from within the app Includes a ‘Pay and Clear Now’ option Cardless withdrawal at retail stores or ATMs

  • Free P2P transfers between Glow App users: Users signing up during the pre-launch period are being offered a guarantee of lifelong free in-app transactions

  • Domestic remittance: Generate an SMS code for recipients who have yet to download the app

  • Multilingual support: English & Native isiZulu

  • More features are under development

Want to be part of the lucky few to test and give feedback on the Glow App?

Sign up for our waitlist here.

Will online shopping take over physical shopping?

The advancement of technology has made the future unpredictable. The tech industry is currently developing and exploring robotics. Therefore, the idea that online shopping could replace traditional shopping is something that we should expect.

Numerous studies show that e-commerce may one day replace traditional shopping. In fact, many brick-and-mortar stores have online versions to keep up with rising shopping trends and expand into new markets. Technology is also evolving making online shopping a more convenient and secure experience.

By the looks of things it seems that technology is in the forefront of everything. This results in it breaking all barriers of time, space and distance. Perhaps the same thing that happened to the newspaper industry and print is the same thing that will happen to traditional shopping.

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