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12 Successful Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa| Mother's Day Special

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Successful Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa

Umntu ngumtu ngatbantu, and it's true that it takes a village to raise a woman. This article will shine the light on the 12 successful women entrepreneurs in South Africa, as we celebrate Mother’s Day! If you are interested in knowing who South African giants are, then continue reading, and find out how you too can become a successful woman.

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Women in Finance South Africa

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Women in finance

Wendy Appelbaum

Wendy is one of the most successful businesswomen in South Africa with around R2 billion worth. She became a director at Liberty Investors early on and now chairs De Morgenzon Wine Estate - among other titles. Appelbaum was named one of the world's top female entrepreneurs in 2006.Here smart and pecky personality has driven her beyond measures.

Arlene Mulder

Arlene Mulder is a leading techy and innovator in Africa. She won the Forbes Woman Africa Technology and Innovation award in 2019 and worked as a global ambassador for She Loves Tech. Mulder started SheLovesCode, a nonprofit focused on advancing Africa's digital education. She also started BiB, Africa's first audio library app. Her love for coding continues to inspire many young IT specialist.

Dineo Lioma

Dineo Lioma co-founded Deep Medical Therapeutics, Incitech, and CapeBio Technologies - three innovative biotech companies. She's been nominated as one of Forbes Woman Africa's Top 20 Wealth Makers. Lioma has succeeded by helping South Africa embrace new healthcare technologies and innovations." Healthcare has been my passion from a young age."

Nneile Nkholise

Nneili was named Africa's top female innovator in 2016 and 2018 by the World Economic Forum. She's also on Forbes' Africa's 30 Under 30 list. Nkholise succeeded by founding iMED Tech, an innovative medical prosthetics and bio-implants company. She later founded 3DIMO focused on the livestock space.

Woohoo! Bridgette Radebe

Bridgette Radebe started out managing mining shafts and founded her own company, Mmakau Mining, back in 1980. That company has done amazingly well! Now she's worth an estimated R1 billion rand. She's president of the South African Mining Development Association, part of the New Africa Mining Fund, and sits on

the board of Sappi.

Mayleen Kyster Nduli

Mayleen Kyster Nduli set up African Steel Holdings when South Africa's steel industry was barely hanging on. Today, they supply steel for most South African construction projects. The Steel and Engineering Federation of Southern Africa has recognized Nduli for innovating and changing the local steel industry.

Sarah Collins

Sarah Collins started Wonderbag, a company providing a sustainable solution for rural African communities through her heat-retention cooker that doesn't use electricity. Wonderbag was listed as one of Time's 50 Most Genius Companies in 2018 after being recognized as Africa's fastest-growing carbon offset project. Her compassion and care for others are the reason why Sarah invented Wonderbags. Her goal was to make the lives of others better.

Dr. Judy Dlamini

Dr Judy Dlamini owns and chairs Mbekani Group - a company housing various investment and operational businesses including Jimmy Choo and Luminance. Dr Dlamini also acts as Chancellor of Wits University. Before striking out on her own business, Dr. Dlamini held a really important position at HSBC South Africa as a top manager. With an estimated net worth of R124 million, she's one of South Africa's most successful businesswomen.

Phiwe Mngadi

Phiwe Mngadi is a fantastic black businesswoman with an inspiring story for any local entrepreneur. She owns Plush Nail Art Studio in Soweto which she opened after doing nails and eyelashes for all her friends and schoolmates. Beauty has always been her passion, and since opening her business it's become a thriving and well-loved local business.

DJ Zinhle

Dj Zinhle was awarded the 2020 Forbes Woman Africa entertainer award for her amazing work as a music producer and DJ. She also owns awesome interior design, watch, sunglasses, and jewelry brands, as well as being chief executive of a sparkling wine company. She's collaborated with Nungu Diamonds on a jewelry collection and released custom made masks with Jireh Wellness. DJ Zinhle is a fast-paced entrepreneur continuously growing her business ventures and partnering with new brands.

Palesa Mokubung

Palesa Mokubung started the clothing brand Mantsho in 2004. She's collaborated with Miss Universe, amongst other brands, and has seen her designs feature on runways around the world. She's also partnered with a prominent decor company Airloom to create bespoke fashion floors art like rugs and cushions.

Milisa Mabinza

Milisa Mabinza founded Khula Lula, South Africa's first black-woman-owned private equity fund geared toward black-woman-owned tech startups. The fund recently started providing funding for women-owned businesses in the fashion and beauty startup space. Her love for fashion and others has transformed many lives.

Kungoko Sisithi enkosi

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These successful South African businesswomen provide inspiration. Though their stories differ, each entrepreneur has excelled through innovation within their industry. Their stories show the potential for women in South Africa's business landscape. With the right idea and inspiration, anyone can achieve success.

These businesswomen cover a wide range of industries and businesses of all sizes. This shows just how many opportunities exist and what kind of success is possible for entrepreneurs with the right idea. If you're thinking of starting your first business or aren't sure about your business's direction, then let these successful businesswomen inspire your journey!

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Financial Empowerment for Women in South Africa

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Food for the soul: A Perfect Mother’s Day gift

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I am every woman! Celebrating every type of woman in South Africa.

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Happy Mother's Day

It is easy to overlook and forget about our day-to-day moms. In this passage we want to thank all our single parents, who work hard to make sure that their children have the best quality of life. Thank you to our stay-at-home moms who make sure that the household is running smoothly and easily. A toast to the women filling up the big shoes of being the breadwinner of the family. Your hard work is valued and appreciated.

This Mother's Day we celebrate you Halala halala to our African queens. The role you play in our country is implacable.

Your love, compassion, guidance, and teachings go a long way. The role that a mother plays is heavy and important for nurturing the future of the county. With a mother by your side, you can accomplish anything on the face of this earth.



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